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This history of Overy Staithe Sailing Club is presented as a Wiki: that is, it is a collaborative document that everyone is invited to contribute to. (Wikipedia is the best-known example, but I'm not expecting this to get so big!). The original text was written by Andy Turner from the club's records and from Peter and Melba Beck's cuttings books. Contributions, suggestions and criticisms are cordially invited.

A Brief History of Overy Staithe Sailing Club – Founded 1928.

A General Meeting was held on August 31st 1928 of interested visitors and locals in St Clement’s Parish Room to discuss the formation of a sailing club. The objects of the club were to be:
· To encourage the art of sailing.
· To promote healthy competition
· To hold frequent races.

The following were duly elected:President: Mr De Paula; Vice Presidents: Mr Lorrimer; Major Henderson; Mr Tabra; Mr Shepherd; Mr Phillips; Dr Stewart and Colonel Hales.
Members of the Committee were:Chairman – Rev C.E.Haines; Vice Chair – CaptM.Woodget; Secretary – Mr D. Carruthers; Asst Secretary – Mr A. Bell; Treasurer – Mr S. Everett;
Other Committee members were: Mr W. Haines; Mr J. Stoker; Mr May; Mr R. Woodget; Mr J. Riches.
The Annual Subscription was to be 2s 6d and vice presidents were approached for donations.
The first committee meeting was to take place on September 3rd 1928 at the residence of Mr W. Haines and the first sailing club race on September 5th 1928.
The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club took place on September 3rd 1929 where Capt M. Woodget, ex Master of the Cutty Sark, was elected as the first Commodore. Rules of the Yacht Racing Union were formally adopted and the balance of the club’s accounts was £4 9s 3d.
A Silver Challenge Cup was presented by Dr Crossley Holland.

In 1934 Mr S. Everett was elected Chairman and Mr De Paula President. Major Henderson was elected Commodore and subs were increased to 3 shillings per year. The club had now been affiliated to the YRA.
The Lorrimer Cup was to be a handicap race with Stella and Ballerina as the scratch boats. There was much discussion of the maximum sail area of boats to be raced (80 square feet)
In 1935 the Secretary was asked to write to Holkham Estate for permission to erect a starting post on the bank. The cost of building a concrete slipway was also discussed.Course marks were to be Walpole Buoy, West Beach buoy and Chalk Bank Buoy to the north of Gun Hill (weather permitting).
The last recorded committee meeting before the war was held on June 1st 1936 with Major Henderson as Commodore. Other committee members present were F.Haines, N.H.May, M.Smith, D.Smith, R.Woodget. Local residents were to be encouraged to join the sailing club with a reduced membership fee of 2s/6d, ordinary membership to be 5s.

After the second World War a meeting was held at Flagstaff House on 28th December 1949 to re-form the sailing club. Present were: Mr Haines, Mr Green, Mr Bell, Mr May, Mr W. Haines, Mr R. Scoles, Mr W. Moore, Mr P. Noyes, Mrs Green, Miss Green, Andrew Green and Mr P.W.Webb.
Mr Allan Bell was elected Commodore and Mr C.Green Vice-Commodore.
At a Committee Meeting in February 1950 at Flagstaff House there was further discussion of building a slipway and an estimate from Welcome Thompson was accepted.

Third formation of the Sailing club.
A meeting of those interested in re-forming the Sailing Club for the second time was called on the 15th January 1961. Present were Peter Beck, Audrey Earle, Robert Wilson Stephens and Gilbert White. The club was granted a loan of £25 from the Regatta Fund. Annual membership was to be half a crown (2s 6d).
Gilbert White was elected Commodore, Audrey Earle Vice-Commodore, Peter and Mel Beck “Organisers”, Mr May Treasurer and Joe Scoles “Gun Man”. Other committee members were Nelson Scoles, Billy Scoles, Marshall Raisbury, Francis Scoles, Billy Moore, Sheila Disney, Ned Thompson and Robert Wilson Stephens.
The club was to be known as “Overy Staithe Sailing Club”.
Simon Coombe presented a Cup. Audrey Earle’s converted longshore boat was used as a safety boat.
The AGM in 1962 was held in Peter and Melba Becks’ flat. Peter was appointed Treasurer and Robert Wilson Stephens as Secretary.The possibility of holding a “Round the Island” race was discussed. Also in 1962 it was decided to have an Annual Prizegiving at the Boathouse (2s 6d each). Lady Sylvia Coombe was invited to present the prizes. Commander Grenfell donated a silver cup to be raced for by Lady Helmsmen.
The 1963 AGM was held at the Boathouse. The committee decided to send £3 each to the following charities: Deep Sea Fishermen; King George’s Fund for Sailors and the Shipwrecked Mariners Society and this has continued to the present day as pennant races.
The 1964 AGM was held at the Boathouse. New elected committee members were Bill Fillenham, Ken Miller and Mr Ayres. The need for a Fairways Committee was discussed as yachts were being moored on the sailing course. The committee discussed the need for a signalling system for life saving. Sheila Disney was made an Hon Life Member of the sailing club.

The 1965 AGM was held at the Boathouse. 90 members had attended the prizegiving the previous evening at the Boathouse and generous thanks were given to Peter and Melba for organising this. Bill Williams was elected to the committee and agreed to act as starter.Negotiations were proceeding with the Crown Commissioners and the Nature Conservancy for the lease of navigable waters of the creek to a Fairways Committee.

At the 1966 AGM Dr Cooper and Mr Hoare were elected to the Committee.
Other committee members were Gilbert White (Commodore), Audrey Earle (Vice Commodore), Mr Miller, Mr Moore, Mr Fillenham, Mr Thompson, Nelson Scoles, Mr Ayres, Peter Beck and Robert Wilson Stephens. It was agreed to hold the Annual Social and Prizegiving at the Moorings Hotel (5s 6d per head had been quoted).It was agreed to merge the funds of the sailing club and the regatta committee.The committee urged the Fairways Committee to take action regarding the silting up of the creek.

The 1967 AGM took place on January 1st. It was agreed to notify the OK Class Association that OSSC sails OK Dinghies and to ask the class association to mention this in their Handbook.£75 was donated as a contribution towards the repair of the Chalk Bank.
At the January 1969 AGM Gilbert White resigned as Commodore and Dr Cooper was elected in his place. Other committee members re-elected were Bill Fillenham, Mr Hoare, Mr Mason, Garry Maufe, Ken Miller, Mr Moore, Mr Ryan, Nelson Scoles, Ned Thompson, Gilbert White.A social committee was formed. It was agreed to hire the village hall for the Regatta Prizegiving. The committee discussed a problem with the Overy Creek Mussell and Cockle Fishery Order, in that there was no provision for the sailing club to put down course marks or to recover capsized boats. It was agreed to object to the order.
It was agreed to hold the Annual Prizegiving and social in the Village Hall. There was also discussion as to whether to buy a club rescue craft.
Authorisation to buy a rescue boat was given at the 1970 AGM, up to a maximum expenditure of £450, including the engine.The club purchased a 12.5 foot Avon rubber dinghy for use as a safety boat, seen in the picture being examined by Francis Scoles (owner of Sharpie K71 (Tern 1)) and Peter Beck. (see plate 1). It was agreed that people racing should wear personal buoyancy.
Peter Beck and Francis Scoles with the club's first rescue boat

At the 1971 AGM Audrey Earle resigned as Vice Commodore and was made an Hon Life Member. Bill Fillenham was elected Vice Commodore in her place.
The 1971 Regatta week highlights were: (see plate 2). OKs finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd within 10 metres of each other in the Nod Race (Jamie Pritchard, Peter Beck, Andy Turner).
Dave Cooper being thrown out of his OK on to the marsh, running along after his boat and re-mounting it to sail to the finishing line!
Ingerlise Maufe and Paul Goakes winning the ladies race in Honey Bun.
Garry, Marit and Nina Maufe winning the Lorrimer Cup in their Jewel Topaz.
Peter and Mel Beck winning the Haines Cup in Honey Bun.
At the 1972 AGM Paul Goakes, John Heffer and Andy White were elected to the committee. William Scoles joined the committee at the 1973 AGM.
Joe Scoles used his shotgun firing live cartridges to start the races when the sailing club was re-formed but this was taken over in 1962 by Bill Williams, also using a shotgun. His Jack Russell terrier, Nell, loved used cartridges and always set up a howl as Bill raised his gun to the firing position, thereby alerting all the locals to the fact that the start was imminent and leaving the visitors perplexed. Bill was presented with a Mary Robertson painting of the Boathouse in 1971 by the Commodore Dr Peter Cooper in appreciation of his services.
In later years Peter Beck used a shotgun to start the races from the sea wall, and after firing the starting gun strolled down the bank, put the shotgun into the front buoyancy tank of his OK, and still went on to win the race!

Initially the club start line was where the current finishing line is off the quay. The start line was then moved so that one end was on the marsh near the wreck at the end of the cockle path and the other end was on the sea wall by the mud dock.

1972 was the year that 61 years old John Winter borrowed a Peter Beck built OK, Cockeyed Optimist, from Tim Storer and proceeded to show us “youngsters” how to sail. I well remember how he shot off from the start line in the Earle Cup, never to be caught over two laps. John of course had an excellent sailing pedigree in that he crewed for Sir Peter Scott in their International 14 before the War and invented the trapeze wire. They won the Prince of Wales Cup, the premier event in International 14 sailing, in 1934, 1938 and 1945.
The children’s race in 1972 was won by Simon Sanderson, crewed by Julie Beck, in a Heron.
The Ladies race was won by Janet Sanderson, crewed by Andy Turner, sailing her Sharpie Fortuna, second was Julie Beck in Honey Bun and third was Claire Bullman (Wathes) sailing an Enterprise, probably with her father Dr Bullman.
For other regatta results see plate 4 below.
Dr Peter Cooper presents Bill Willliams with a painting
72 regatta press clippings

1973 was one of those regattas with a big tide and a long wait for the sea breeze to come in, although as usual there was a strong wind for the Nod Race.

The Haines Cup, with 59 entries, was again dominated by OKs, accompanied even then by grumbles about their handicap. First was Peter Beck in Younger than Springtime, second was Andy Turner in Hemogoblin(it was red) and third was Dave Cooper in Twin Soliloquy. Paul Goakes in Stirrer (OK 1018) won the Nod Race with future Commodore Bill Fillenham second and Rod Tidd in another OK third. In the Regatta races Peter Scillitoe won the Thursby Cup for Sharpies in K116 Northern Lights.
In the foreground of plate 5 is moored the “Centipede” belonging to Garry and MarritMaufe. This type of craft, made by Fairey Marine, was dropped from search planes to airmen or sailors waiting to be rescued from life rafts during the War.

The 1974 AGM was not held until May due to the previous winter’s fuel and power crisis. A special vote of thanks was passed to the Beck family for their great assistance to the club and its members.
In 1974 Julie Beck grabbed the newspaper headlines as a 12 year old. She held off a “strong challenge” from Captain H. White in another Twinkle 12 to win the Stella Trophy and also the Ladies Race .

Another future Commodore, Peter Russell, won the Stratton Cup with his wife Chris in a Family 14 “Merlin”. Andy Turner won the OKs with Paul Goakes in second and Dave Cooper third. The Thursby Cup for Sharpies was won by Richard Cracknell in “Sea Witch” from Peter Scillitoe in “Northern Lights”. Richard Cracknell also won the Regatta Tankard in his Sharpie from Ronnie Scoles in “Cassiopea” and Mark Winter in “Dita”. The Wilson Stephens Trophy for children under 16 was won by David Hart and Giles Catchpole (see picture) in their Mirror “Forty Winks” with Julie Beck second and Mark Lambert in a Solo third.
74 regatta press clippings
74 regatta press clippings
Plate 7 below shows Richard Faire’s Sprite “Kestrel” pinching to windward trying to clear its wind from the Firefly ahead in the Regatta of 1974.
Richard Cracknell from Wells again scored a double first in his Sharpie “Sea Witch”, as did Peter and Chris Russell in their Family 14 “Merlin”.

Dave Cooper won the Earle Cup for OKs and MaritMaufe won the Douglas Carruthers Bowl in a Firefly.
Robert and Sue Wilson Stephens won the Evans Cup in their Enterprise “Galloper”.

At the 1975 AGM Dr Cooper resigned as Commodore and Bill Fillenham was elected in his place. Peter Russell and Ken Miller were elected Vice Commodores. The committee comprised Peter Beck (Treasurer), Robert Wilson Stephens (Secretary), Gilbert White, Paul Goakes, John Heffer, Garry Maufe, Nelson Scoles, William Scoles, Ned Thompson, David Cooper, MaritMaufe, Rod Tidd, Andy Turner and M.Whyman. The social committee was Gary and MaritMaufe plus Nelson Scoles.
The Headline for the Regatta of 1975 was “Erratic Wind and Strong Tides”.

There was another wait for the wind to fill in and some nail biting from Race Officer Peter Beck. Francis Scoles was driving the safety boat.

Paul Goakes in his new OK “Cotton Jenny” was untouchable on the water that year, winning both the Earle Cup and the CaptRix Trophies for OKs as well as the Haines Cup.

Mark Beck was beaten into second by “Saffron” (J. Ormond) in the Stella Trophy for Twinkle 12s and Mark Winter in the Sharpie “Dita” won the Regatta Tankard from Terry Hill in another Sharpie “Annabella”.

The Thursby Cup for Sharpies was won by Terry Hill in “Annabella” (K76) with John Scoles second and Roger Raisbury in “Lightning” (K14) third. The Douglas Carruthers Bowl was won by Colin Ayres with third place going to Andrew Green in something new called a Laser.

75 regatta press clippings

75 regatta press clippings

Neither the Commodore nor the Treasurer were present for the 1976 AGM on January 4th. Bill Fillenham was inspecting coastal damage from the flood tide the night before and Peter and Melba were bailing out the Boathouse. Another wait for wind in the 1976 Regatta. Sharpie K 106 in the picture (plate is “Miranda” and K79 is “Teriodin”.

76 regatta press clippings

It was agreed by the committee that both helm and crew in the Grenfell Cup had to be ladies. Importing male crews was banned, even if they had wigs on.

At the 1976 AGM Robert Wilson Stephens resigned as Secretary after 16 years and Andy Turner took over. Subs were raised to £2. Gilbert White was made an Honorary Life Member. Claire Bulman (Wathes) was elected to the committee.

In 1977 a Racing Sub-Committee was formed comprising Claire Bulman, Paul Goakes, Rod Tidd and Andy Turner.

The 1977 Regatta was a windy affair withover 70 entries on both days. A young “P.Mason”, nowadays known as Sam, came second in an Enterprise in the Evans Challenge Cup to Robert Haines.

The Crossley Holland Cup pursuit race and the Stella Trophy for Twinkle 12s were won by Mark and Paul Beck in “Honey Bun”. The Thursby Cup for Sharpies was won by Mark and John Winter in “Dita” (K31). Jerry and Fraser Clark won the Green Trophy for Mirrors, Andy Turner won the Earle Cup and CaptRix Trophy for OKs. Wendy and Jamie Pritchard won the Drayton Trophy for clinker built boats in their Firecrest “Honey”. Matthew Hall Smith won the Storer Trophy for Lasers.

The 1978 AGM recorded the death of Ned Thompson.
Another tide over the marsh for the 1978 Regatta. Andy Turner, somewhat hung over from his wedding, managed to win the Earle Cup and the CaptRix Trophy for OKs. British Sharpie Champion Tony Barnham won the Thursby Cup for Sharpies in “Anabella” (K76) from W.Haines in Tern 1 (K71) and V.Thomas in Tern 2 (K73), whilst Terry Hill won the Regatta Tankard on day 2, also in “Annabella”.

David Hart won the Evans Challenge Cup in an Enterprise and Mark Beck in Honey Bun won the Lorrimer Cup from Garry Maufe in J 49 “Topaz” and Nick Heffer in the Jewel “Fairy”. Andrew Storer won the Storer Trophy for Lasers whilst celebrating his 18th birthday.

78 regatta press clippings

78 regatta press clippings

78 regatta press clippings

Paul Goakes was again in fine form in 1980 sailing his OK Cotton Jenny (K1798) He won the Nod Race with Mark Beck in Honey Bun second. Peter Smith in a Twinkle 10 “Shrimp” won the Haines Cup from 43 starters, again with Mark Beck in Honey Bun second.

80 regatta press clippings

The AGM of 1979 took place in March with the Commodore, Bill Fillenham, calling for more volunteers for OOD and the safety boat. It was proposed that non-members who are rescued be invited to make a donation to the safety boat fund. Mr and Mrs Welbourne donated two tankards for the Ancient Mariners’ Trophy and 720 degree turns were introduced as a penalty for rule infringements (replacing retirement from the race). The owner of “Shrimp” was Peter G Smith from Wroxham.

80 regatta press clippings

1980 was also the year Peter Beck and Robert Archer managed to rescue 3 children from a capsized Gull dinghy on Overy Bar at Easter using the club safety boat. Sadly the helm of the boat, the Reverend William Farnham, became separated from the dinghy and drowned. His body was picked up from the sea by helicopter the same day. Both Peter and Robert, who was only 16 at the time, were presented with Bravery Awards by the RNLI for their actions that day.Plate 14

80 press clippings

80 press clippings

The AGM of 1981 saw Peter Russell elected as Commodore. Matthew Hall Smith and Andrew Maxey abandoned their Lasers and went and won the British Sharpie Championship – the first OveryStaithe sailors to manage this feat.

Easter 1982 was the usual freezing weather with a cold north westerly wind. Matthew Hall Smith won both the first two races with Andrew Maxey winning the third and Mark Beck in Honey Bun second and Stephen Ayres in an international 14 third. (see plate 16 below).

The 1982 Regatta was a windy affair, for example only 7 of the 28 starters finishing the Nod race. Plate 20 has an interesting summary including mention of Michael Hall Smith winning the Stratton Cup in an early Topper.
Winners: Thursby Cup – Mark Winter in the Sharpie “Dita”.
Clinker Built Boats – Mark Beck in “Honey Bun”, second Mark Lambert in “Emma”.
The Green Trophy for Mirrors – Jerry and Frazer Clark.
The Earle Cup and CaptRix Cup for OKs – Andy Turner
Stella Trophy for Twinkle 12s – Julie Beck with Zepherine (Richard Warner) second.
Wendy Pritchard won the Drayton Trophy in “Honey”
Matthew Hall Smith won the Storer Trophy for Lasers.
Richard Cracknell won the Regatta Tankard in his Sharpie “Sea Witch” with Tommy Thomas second in Tern 2 and Francis Scoles third in Tern 1.

Plate 16 shows Garry Maufe sailing his first OK and Jerry Clark leaving the shore in the Haines Cup with spinnaker flying.

OveryStaithe sailors also did well in North West Norfolk Week in 1982 with Mark Beck winning the OKs over the week at the age of 17, Paul Beck crewing Howard Stevenson in a National 12 to fourth overall in a very strong fleet and Matthew Hall Smith winning the Lasers.

Plate 18 shows Mark and Paul Beck packing up the OK “Liat” at the end of the week.

80 press clippings

82 press clippings

82 press clippings

82 press clippings

A nice report from “Dipper” of Garry Maufe winning the Roaring Forties Trophy in the early 1980s.

82 press clippings

At the AGM of 1986 Garry Maufe was elected Commodore. The Goakes Trophy was donated that year and the Laflin Trophy in 1987.
At the AGM of 1989 MaritMaufe was elected Commodore and in 1990 the sailing club donated £200 towards the purchase of the Village Hall. By now Major Stan Walford was the starter. The Clinker Trophy was presented in 1990 by Garry Maufe.
The 1991 Nod Race had 79 starters.
In August 1992 there was a party to celebrate the departure of the Big Boat, Overy Action, from Overy. £2000 was donated to the Jubilee Trust for disabled sailors.
At the AGM in January 1994 Stan Walford was elected Commodore. It was agreed that the Sharpies should start 3 minutes after the rest of the fleet and their time subsequently corrected.
The 1995 AGM recorded the death of Francis Scoles.
At the 1996 AGM Nina Plumbe was elected Commodore.
At the 1997 AGM the possibility of holding the Sharpie Nationals at OveryStaithe was discussed and rejected as impractical. The same discussion also took place in 2010, with the same conclusion, particularly as we don’t have a club house for changing or social functions.
In 1999 we changed over from 10min and 5min warning signals to 6min and 3min guns.
At the 2001 AGM Chris Geering was elected Commodore.
At the 2003 AGM the death of Tony Deakin in a skiing accident was recorded.
In August 2005 the Trafalgar 200 event, largely organised by Peter Beck and Chris Geering, took place to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Sir Peter Abbott reviewed the Overy fleet anchored in a line all the way from the creek to beyond Houseboat buoy.The Bishop of Kings Lynn, James Langstaff, threw a ring into the sea as part of a traditional bishop’s fleet blessing.
Proceeds from the prizegiving supper that evening were donated to the Sri Lanka tsunami appeal.

Trafalgar 200

An Overy Summer for Lord Nelson
Summer in Burnham Overy is always busy, but this one has been something special. The programme of events organised by Burnham Overy Sailing club and others to mark the 200thanniversary of Trafalgar has been a triumph.
The central feature, described in an EDP article below, was the Fleet Review on Saturday 13th August. A single cannon shot marked the start of the review of 240 small boats in a line from the Hard to the Channel. Admiral Sir Peter Abbott was rowed in a cutter, painstakingly restored by Peter Beck, past the anchored boats and their cheering crews, watched by hundreds of spectators from the sea wall.
It was a day that no-one who took part in will ever forget, All the boats, specially authorised to fly the White Ensign for the day, were “dressed overall” in signal flags and bunting. Any fears that the event might be bogged down in officialdom or congestion of boats or cars melted away in a marvellous display of common sense and co-operation. A tent serving free cakes and teas was run through the day by a team of volunteers; the Hunstanton band played; a hog roast was provided at lunchtime; and in the evening a barbecue arranged by Carole Coutanche swung to the songs of the Shanty Singers, finishing with a spectacular firework display.
Throughout the month a series of other events marked the great anniversary: an exhibition open each day in the village hall with an excellent short film constantly running to describe the battle, a wonderful collection of Nelson memorabilia and records, a display of Nelson drawings by the children of Burnham Market Primary School and photographs of their superb Nelson production earlier in the summer; the “Victory dance” on 20th August; lectures by Nelson’s foremost historian Tom Pocock describing Nelson’s links with Norfolk, and Martin Downer telling his remarkable story of “Nelson’s purse”.
The month saw a series of films, more or less related to the Nelson theme, and on 17th August we were treated to a highly talented “one night stand” of poems, readings and songs produced by Helen Geering and performed by contributors familiar to fans of Overy’s Christmas time End of Pier shows.
Enormous credit for the whole programme must go to Chris Geering, whose original idea it all was, Peter and Melba Beck and the Trafalgar 200 committee. Through a combination of sheer hard work, thoughtful planning, enlisting volunteers and practical uncomplicated organisation these events came and went not only with huge enjoyment and good humour but with a real sense of pride and history.
Lord Nelson himself would have been proud that all this happened in the little harbour where he first learned about the sea.

EDP Article by Ed Nash Monday August 15th 2005:
Trafalgar 200

Trafalgar 200

Trafalgar 200

Trafalgar 200
EDP picture Monday August 15th 2005.

At the 2006 AGM Jerry Clark was elected Commodore.
In 2007 Peter Beck was awarded a Lifetime achievement award by the RYA, presented by Dee Caffery, round the world skipper, with Princess Anne in attendance.
Age limits for the Overy Jerry (60+) and the Ancient Mariners’ Trophy (combined ages of 130+) were confirmed.
In 2009 the death of Audrey Earle was reported, as later was the death of Garry Maufe.
The Regatta committee was made into a sub-committee of the main Sailing Club Committee although accounts were to be kept separate until the regatta funds became exhausted (currently £5000+)
At the AGM of 2010 Ashley Deakin was elected Commodore and Paul Goakes was elected Vice-Commodore. Three year fixed terms of office were agreed for the Commodore and Vice Commodore.

List of Commodores of OveryStaithe Sailing Club.
Captain M. Woodget – 1929 to 1933
Major Henderson –June 1933 to June 1936
Alan Bell – Dec 1949 to ?
Gilbert White – 1961 to Jan 1969
Dr Cooper – Jan 1969 to Jan 1975
Bill Fillenham – Jan 1975 to Jan 1981
Dr Peter Russell – Jan 1981 to Jan 1986
Garry Maufe – Jan 1986 to Jan 1989
MaritMaufe – Jan 1989 to Jan 1994
Maj. Stan Walford – Jan 1994 to Jan 1996
Nina Plumbe – Jan 1996 to Jan 2001
Chris Geering – Jan 2001 –Jan 2006
Jerry Clark – Jan 2006 to Jan 2010
Ashley Deakin – Jan 2010 to present

Index of names.
Abbott, Admiral Sir Peter 31,33,34,36
Archer, Robert 23,24
Ayres Cyril 3
Ayres Colin 13,15
Ayres Stephen 25,26
Bangham Andrew 18,30
Barnham Tony 17,19
Barker R 19,20
Barrett Ian 20
Bourne P 29
Beck Julie 7,9,10,11,12,14,15,18,25,30
Beck Mark 9,13,15,17,18,19,20,21,22,25,26,28,30,36
Beck Melba 2,3,4,6,8,16,33,36
Beck Paul 17,18,25,26,27,28,30
Beck Peter 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,13,16,23,24,31,32,33
Bell Allan 1,2,32
Bulman Dr 7
Carroll Mike 8
Carr Juliet 9,19
Carr Sarah 19
Carruthers D 1
Catchpole Giles 10,12
Chancellor N 29
Coombe Lady Sylvia 2,3
Clark Jerry 17,18,25,26,30,31,37
Clark Frazer 17,18,25,30
Coke Tom 15
Cooper Dr 3,4,7,13,32
Cooper Dave 4,6,9,10,11,12,13,14
Cooper Andrew 12
Cornwall Jones M 30
Coutanche Carole 33
Cracknell Richard 9,10,12,13,14,18,25,30
Crossley Holland Dr 1
Deakin Ashley 37
Deakin Tony 31
De Paula 1
Disney Sheila 2,3
Douglas Home Charles 29
Downer Martin 33
Earle Audrey 2,3,4,5,37
Everett S 1
Faire Richard 13
Farnham Rev Wm 23,24
Fillenham Bill 3,4,6,10,13,16,21,37
Fillenham R 11
Francis S 20
Geering Chris 31, 33, 37
Geering Helen 33
Gibson Carl 19,21
Goakes Paul 4,6,7,10,12,13,15,17,20,22,27,30,37
Goodley Laura 34
Green Andrew 2,13,15,20,29,30
Green C 2
Green Miss 2
Green Mrs 2
Green W 19,20
Greensmith Nicky 27
Hadlow David 9
Haines F 1,2
Haines Rev C.E. 1
Haines Robert 17,18,27,30
Haines W.A 1,2
Haines W.J 17,19
Hales Col. 1
Hall Smith Matthew 17,18,25,26,27,30
Hall Smith Dr Michael 18,21,25,29,30
Hart David 10,12,17,19
Hattersley Andrew 27,30
Heffer John 7,11,14
Heffer Nick 9,17,19,20
Henderson Maj. 1,2,32
Hill Terry 13,15,17,20
Hoare 3,4
Hoare D 30
Holkham Estate 2
Holliday R 15
Kilbourn R 19
Lambert Mark 10,15,25,30
Langstaff James, Bishop 31,34
Lorrimer 1
Mason 4
Mason Peter (Sam) 17,18,30
MaufeIngerlise 4,6
Maufe Garry 4,6,10,12,13,15,17,19,25,27,29,31,37
MaufeMarit 4,6,10,12,13,14,30,31,37
MaufeKaja 15,18,30
Maufe (Plumbe) Nina 4,6,31,37
Maxey Andrew 25,26,27
May N 1,2
Matts T 20
Miller Ken 3,4,13
Miller Paul 11,14
Moore S 14
Moore W 2,3,4
Noyes A 19
Noyes P 2
Nudds Dee 18
Ormond J 13,15
Parrish W 30
Phillips 1
Pocock Tom 33
Pritchard Jamie 4,6,17,18
Pritchard Wendy 15,17,18,25,27,30
Quantrell W 30
Raisbury M 2
Raisbury Roger 13,15
Raynor Patrick 27
Riches Jimmy 1
Robertson Mary 7,8
Russell Chris 10,13
Russell Dr Peter 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,20,25,30,37
Ryan 4
Sanderson Janet 6,7,9
Sanderson Keith 11
Sanderson Simon 7,9
Scillitoe Peter 10,27
Scoles Francis 2,4,5,13,25,30,31
Scoles John 13
Scoles Joe 2,7
Scoles Nelson 2,3,4,13
Scoles Ronnie 2,6,10,12,14
Scoles W 2
Scoles William 7,13
Scott Sir Peter 7
Shepherd 1
Smith Adrian 21,22
Smith D 2
Smith M 2
Smith P.G. 20, 21
Steavenson Howard 28
Stewart Dr 1
Stoker J 1
Storer Andrew 17,19,20,21
Storer Tim 7,22
Tabra 1
Thomas Tommy 17,19,20,25,30
Thompson Ned 2,3,4,13,17
Tidd Rodney 10,11,13,15,17,19,20,27,30
Turner Andy 4,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,18,19,20,21,26,27,30
Walford Maj. Stan 31,37
Warner Richard 25,30
Wathes (Bulman) Claire 7,9,17
Webb P.W. 2
Welbourne D 15,20,21
White Andy 7,15
White Gilbert 2,3,4,13,17,37
White Capt. H 10
White J 19
Whyman M 13
Williams Bill 3,7,8
Wilson Stephens Robert 2,3,9,11,12,13,14,15,17,22,30
Wilson Stephens Alice 27
Winter John 7,9,14,17,18
Winter Mark 10,12,13,15,17,18,25,27,30
Woodget Capt. M 1,37
Woodget R 1,2
Young P 6
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