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Overy Staithe One Design Class

Sometime after the club's initial founding in 1928, the members felt the need for a suitable one design to allow class racing in the club. As was usually the case in those days, they commissioned their own design and a fleet of six Overy Staithe One Design dinghies was built for their proud new owners and shipped to Burnham Market Railway Station. From the minute book, we guess this was before 1934, when Stella gets a mention. The class were clinker-built 12 footers setting a single bermudan sail right forward on a stayed mast. They had a galvanised centreplate, minimal reserve buoyancy in the shape of two copper buoyancy tanks, one under each sidebench, and could be sailed by a crew of one or two. The boats were Stella, Orlando, Polar Star and 3 others (names, anyone?). Orlando was owned for a time by Dr Pat Luffman, local GP, and subsequently by Mr Cowan. Polar Star was sailed by Fred 'Tiddler' Lane in the regatta of 1966(ish), but whether he was the owner or had just borrowed her for the day I don't know. None of the original six are still sailing at Overy. Have any survived?
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